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What is WFP Window Cleaning?

The benefits of purified water

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In recent years there has been a major change in how windows are cleaned. Modern window cleaners no longer use traditional methods by hand with a squeegee to wipe the glass clean.

These days we use pure water as it is proven to be far more effective at cleaning windows, frames and sills.

Pure water goes through an intensive filtration process which removes naturally occurring minerals and hard water deposits found in tap water. These contaminants include limescale, calcium and copper which leave white spotting on glass just as chalky deposits are found in kettles and washing machines. These are all hard water deposits present in our drinking water.

The purification process completely removes all contaminants meaning when used on glass it leaves it absolutely clear. This wikipedia link provides further information on water purification.

What are water fed poles?

Water fed poles, commonly known as WFP, are long reach extendable poles and pure water is pumped up through them and sprayed onto the glass through a brush head. The brush then agitates the glass or frames as the water dissolves dirt which is then washed away by the continual spray of fresh, clean water.

Benefits of wfp and pure water

  • glass dries to a clear, streak-free finish every time
  • no need for detergents that are used for traditional window cleaning
  • environmentally friendly
  • detergents leave a sticky residue on glass which attracts dirt meaning windows get dirtier quicker
  • enhanced privacy for the customer with your window cleaner not appearing at your bedroom windows
  • enhanced safety for window cleaners as poles are operated from the ground without the need for ladders. This also complies with UK Working At Height Regulations which requires safer alternatives to ladders when one is available.

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