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Do self cleaning glass windows need cleaning?

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How does self cleaning glass work?

It is specially coated glass that requires both sunlight (photocatalytic) and water (hydrophilic) to take effect. The titanium oxide coating creates a chemical reaction when UV light shines on it which breaks down dirt.

Rain water is then required to wash away the dirt. The glass is designed in a way to spread water across the entire surface to leave all the glass clean.

Drawbacks of self-cleaning glass

The cleaning process is an ongoing one that breaks down dirt slowly. Windows never have that just cleaned look about them as they do after a professional window cleaning.

Rain is also required to complete the process so in dry spells a hose may be needed to wash windows down. In hard water areas this may still leave white spotting deposits which self cleaning glass is not designed to clean off. It can only break down organic materials such as dirt.

How to clean self-cleaning glass

Self-cleaning glass is best cleaned by a professional window cleaner like Absolute Window Cleaning. It is important that no harsh or abrasive chemicals are used as these damage the coating.

Our pure water and soft bristled brushes are perfect for the purpose.

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Areas we cover include Carlton, West Bridgford, Beeston and Wollaton.

Window Cleaning Nottingham

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